Consider our Bold Project Creation Services

Supported by our structured financial sophistica. We can help you realize your business dreams!,

We believe the processes of creation new business/ projects or ventures are in the main, an entrepreneurial complex and demanding merchant banking undertaking requiring risk knowledge and mitigation, wide and varied experience and a large dose of commonsense.

We have more than 40 years of international comprehensive structured financing practice and proven track record of innovative and successful project creation records in the most challenging business environments, the developing countries, that uniquely qualifies us to focus on identifying the critical role of business opportunity creation and recognition of the entrepreneurial value as the principal success factor in new projects formation and its life cycles.

Our services are very special because it involves contribution from a large number of outsourced senior executives and world leaders services providers with years of practical experience dealing with specific projects/ businesses solutions and possessing special and focused knowledge and familiarity with local conditions and circumstances impacting project/business viability and above all, its assured financeability.

Our project / business creation work – always starts by articulating a project/business or venture characteristics and fundamental as How to:

  1. Identify and determine the existence of real collateral value, the determine the critical driving forces of the new project/business’ success
  2. Create, identify and differentiate inherent profitable and durable opportunities
  3. Evaluate and determine how to create and build project/business value
  4. Identify and determine financial and non-financial resources available for your new project/ business
  5. Identify the business models and components of the business plan
  6. Appoint and manage the cross-disciplinary project/ business/ venture

Our Project/Business and Venture Feasibility Studies are based first on conducting our brand of intrusive due diligence of all elements involved and then on the intelligent and comprehensive understanding and crafting of the following:

  1. Develop basic ideas (building blocs) for a new product or service
  2. Determine if the product/service has a meaningful market potential
  3. Determine if the product/service is technologically feasible
  4. Determine the business model that will enable the realistic generation of appropriate cash flows
  5. Identify project/ business attribute that are important and solicit feedback from reliable sources as concept of the project/ business start evolving
  6. Identify market segment and estimate the size/potential growth rate; market test price points, price indexation if applicable, distribution methodologies, logistics etc
  7. Where required, build or demonstrate a prototype of the product or service and identify the resources needed to produce the product/ service economically
  8. Conduct a rough financial model, financial analysis and set strategy for financials including: exit strategy, available methodology and sources
  9. Decide what type of organization would be required to pursue this opportunity
  10. Decide what intellectual Property protection is needed, if any
  11. Outline how we can help you Create the Project/ Business or Venture

We have accumulated unparalleled experience in Project Creation involving the following business sectors during the past 44 years:

Property Development – Agriculture & Agro-industrial – Animal Feedlots – Animal & Poultry Farms – Water Irrigation – Addable Oil- Oil Refineries – Tank Farms – Power Transmission – Power Generation-Hydro – Power generation- conventional – Transportation & Logistics – Airports & Ports – Dams – Shipping – Storage & Warehousing – Packaging – Petrochemical Plants –Building Material – Manufacturing & Industrial – Cement Plants – Chemical Plants – Forestry – Wood Products – Mining – Pulp & Paper – Food Processing – Telecommunications – Manufacturing – Hospitals & Health Facilities – Hotel & Leisure – Travel & Tourism – Distilleries – Alternative Fuel- Ethanol.

By choice, four merchant banking services were focused on the Emerging countries. We provided project creation and sophisticated merchant banking services to private and public persons in the following countries:
Albania                     Malaysia                            Honduras
Algeria                      Mexico                               Algeria
Morocco                   Portugal                             Ukraine
Brazil                        Nigeria                               Russia
Bulgaria                   Oman/UAE                       Romania
Chile                         Nigeria                               Saudi Arabia /Bahrain
China                        India                                  South Africa
Colombia                 Indonesia                          Sri Lanka
Croatia                     South Korea                      Syria
Czech Republic       Israel                                  Taiwan
Egypt                        Iraq                                     Thailand
Ethiopia                   Iran                                     Trinidad & Tobago
Ghana                       Ivory Coast                        Peru
Greece                      Jordan                                Tunisia
Hong Kong              Pakistan                             Turkey
Kenya                       Hungary                             Venezuela
Kuwait/Qatar         Philippines                         Yemen

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