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Proud to Present our Equity Crowdfunding Support Services

    Fundmore Alternative Finance (FAF) is pleased to announce the start of its specially focused global Equity Crowdfunding Support Services “ECSS” using third party online crowdfunding Platerforms such as www.equitynet.com and other internet facilities to reach the international community of investors and lenders directly.

Wondering what is Online Equity Crowdfunding!

The Economist June 6th 2015 wrote: “Open season – A new era begins in America’s securities markets. New rules for IPOs in America,  SOMETIMES revolutions have small beginnings ! a fundamental change in America’s capital markets – On June 19th Title IV of the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act of 2012 goes into effect. It will change how small companies raise money. Those seeking $20m-50m will be able to offer their shares to the public while skipping some of the most costly regulatory requirements that normally involves, including being vetted by state officials, issuing quarterly reports and listing their shares on an exchange”.

Another highly respected financial commentator wrote “It is rare for something to come along and fundamentally disrupt a core Wall Street function. Equity crowdfunding, to be specific – is undoubtedly one of those things. It will replace an old, inefficient and expensive process with one that leverages modern technology to seamlessly and inexpensively connect companies and investors. To say it is revolutionizing Wall Street is an understatement”.

The astonishing fact is that the Online Equity Crowdfunding revolution is spreading globally like wildfire and fast becoming the cheapest and lest complicated fast and attractive way to raise capital and to borrow funds.

You can depend and trust Our ECSS!

DENTONS a major international legal firm wrote on its website: “Crowdfunding holds out the promise—or threat—of revolutionizing how funds for projects or businesses are raised. Managing the complexities of this emerging method of raising capital requires experience in multiple disciplines, including securities, tax, financial services and e-commerce” .

We agree with DENTONS’ assessment and add that of all the equity crowdfunding services on offer we are uniquely qualified to manage “the complexities of this emerging method of raising capital” and to deepen its parameters. Here is why. When he started his merchant banking career 1968 in Zurich Fred L Farha became aware that structured financial solutions are complex, time consuming and costly requiring the direct participation of large varieties of external multi-disciplines expertise, focused on specialized services to structure and to deliver needed financial solutions inhibiting the capital raising and lending functions. Fred called the process “Finance Team”.

Over the past 44 years dozens of such Finance Teams were created by the Fundmore Group gaining unparalleled experience and direct knowledge of different projects, financial products and disciplines in more than 40 countries. Before the financial crises the Fundmore Group’s Finance Team(s) grew into a highly diversified multi-disciplines powerhouse of outsourced professional service providers numbering more than 1116 individuals, firms and companies encompassing the largest segments of the following services: Corporate, Business Law, Capital Markets & Securities, Structured Finance, Funds, Insurance, Real Estate, Taxation, Treasury, Energy, Resources, Health Care, Banking, Power, Mining, Manufacturing, Industrial, Tourism, Technology, Export Credit, Trade financing, Pre-IPO, IPO, PPP, BOT, GDR, SPAC, CPC, Stock Exchanges, Securities Listing, Foreignaid, Privatization, Renewable fuel and energy, Property Development, Mortgages and other services.

Our mission is to intelligently use our ECSS to provide to international Clients composed of small companies, startups, entrepreneurs and individuals direct, unfettered access to the world capital markets to raise costeffective capital or to arrange loan facilities.

Our ECSS will utilize dependable pre-IPO expertise, comprehensive structured financial engineering strategies to prepared vetted and verified, risk free documentations offerings to the investment grade level and the appetite of all kinds of investors and lenders including small and accredited, institutional and other demanding investors such as family offices, sovereign funds, wealth mangers, equity funds and Islamic capital.

We pledge to provide our ECSS at a small fraction of the conventional costs needed to raise or to borrow $1 million to $50 million. We also pledge that process in most cases will not exceed 120 days.

Is it possible to imagine that for the first time in more than 40 years small investors of $5000 or less finally were given the same access and right to buy and sell shares, bonds, bills of exchange or promissory notes and other securities directly online. Thanks to the transformative revolution of Equity Crowdfunding now small investors are included.

The time of cherry picking intermediary services of banks, brokers and agents and a variety of regulatory roadblocks are becoming unneeded, and with it heavy burdens of regulatory filings, fees and a myriad of costly requirements are wiped out.

Our ECSS are now available worldwide to clients seeking to raise or to borrow $1 million to $50 million.

Equity Crowdfunding is fast becoming the fastest, cheapest and lest complicated way to raise capital or to borrow needed funds.

We would welcome your inquiries without obligations and will be happy to answer you questions or concerns,



Fred L Farha

President & CEO


Telephone: 613-728-9337, Skype: fredfarha, Email: fred@fundmore.com

It is important to know that no portion of ECSS services will involve or constitutes investment, legal or other advice nor is it to be relied upon in making an investment decision. That our ECSS do not in any way constitutes an offer or an invitation to make an offer to sell securities or to provide investment services of any description or intention to provide services contrary to local law or laws or regulations of any jurisdiction or country.


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