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(CBCA-Corp No: 806498-9 Formed Ottawa January-04-2012)

This presentation will be used to define the scope of the services and the means of gaining the necessary investments to complete the development of the first state-of-the-art outdoor one-stop multi-sport leisure recreation and wellness parks in Canada

There are no other sports, leisure, recreation and wellness facilities like this one anywhere in Canada, and to the best of our knowledge anywhere in the World.



The state of Community Sport and Recreation in Canada

All levels of governments in Canada, federal, provincial, territories and municipal are involved in Community Sport and Recreation. Jointly they are the predominant stakeholders developers and owners of most community sport and recreational physical infrastructure and facilities.

Owners of Sport Recreation Facilities in Canada: Municipalities schools and universities, are the main developers owners and providers of almost all community sport and recreational facilities, parks and infrastructures across Canada.

Business of the Private Sector: The Private Sector is focused on developing and operating retail leisure facilities such as fitness clubs, gymnastics and golf facilities. Canlan appears to be the only major private sector listed company whose business model is to build and operates hockey and ice sport facilities in Canada and the US.

Canada’s National Sport: Hockey is Canada’s national sport. Most major hockey rinks are owned by municipalities. A few major hockey and football facilities suitable for national and international games are owned by the private sector. The exception appears to be Canlan Ice Sport Corporation.

The Role of Volunteers in Community Sport and Recreation in Canada: Community sport and recreation in Canada is largely supported by Canadian communities themselves, relying substantially on volunteers (unpaid) coaches instructors trainers and managers.


  •  Sport and recreation organizations make up 21 percent of Canada’s nonprofit sector but engage 28 percent (5.3 million) of all volunteers – more than any other sector.
  • 1.8 million Canadians coach amateur sport while 800,000 participate as amateur sport referees or officials. On average, sport and recreation organizations receive only 12 percent of their funding from governments.
  • 73 percent of community sport organizations have no paid employees at all.

Canadian Governments Subsidies: All three governments provide a variety of annual subsidies to players to help pay membership fees, sometimes for equipment (City of Ottawa $250/child) mostly to children from economically disadvantage families and the disabled.

Canadian Governments Grants: The federal and provincial governments provide annual grants to families by way of income tax deduction for each child under the age of 16. The federal government allows annual deduction of $1000/child and Canadian Provinces and Territories (indigenous people) allow matching annual deduction of $500/child/year.

Canadian Business Participation: Canadian banks and financial institutions and Corporate Canada including all sizes of companies, are actively involved in supporting and sponsoring a large variety of sports and sport events and programs dealing with thousands of economically disadvantage and disabled kids across Canada.

The Business of Sport Organizations in Canada

There are 33,650 community sport and recreation Organizations in Canada. The majority are not-for-profit organizations. Almost all are actively engaged in the coaching and training of sports and recreational activities and events.

It would appear that almost all Canadian organizations are of not-for-profit formed for the purpose of qualifying to use, sports and recreation facilities and infrastructure belonging to municipalities, provinces and territories, schools colleges and universities. Other incentives they are seeking is to be allowed to receive donations, government grants and players’ subsidies.

The following are highlights of the business model of most not-for-profit sport and recreation organizations in Canada:

  1. Annually they receive approximately $400 million plus in direct financial supports and grants from federal, provincial, territories and municipal government
  2. They generate revenues from a variety of seasonal membership fees and casual players rates commensurate with private sector commercial business fees and rates.
  3. More than 85% of employees working for organizations (coaches, trainers, managers) are volunteers and are not paid for their services
  4. They lease existing community sports and recreation facilities mostly from municipalities, provincial parks, schools and universities.
  5. They enjoy non-commercial rental consideration for the use of sport and recreation  facilities
  6. They do not pay for maintenance of the sport and recreation facilities they are using.
  7. They maintain regular business offices and operations
  8. The executives and staff are paid (almost) regular commercial level salaries and benefits for their services

The Market Value of Community Sport In Canada

Community Sport and Recreation is a booming business in Canada. Revenues for the year 2011 were in access of $ 65 billion and are projected to continue rising at the healthy rate of 6%-8% annually.

Last year, Canadian spend more than $ 37 billion on sport clothes and equipment and more than $1.1 billion on transportation and other expenses related to sport.

Parks Ontario and other reliable sources reported that in 2010 Canadian families (1.4 million) paid on average $4,185/family/year not including grants, for sport and recreation.

The City of Ottawa reported its costs a staggering $95/year per taxpayer for maintenance of its sports and recreational infrastructure and facilities.

More than 290,000 Canadian are employed or working in a Community Sport and Recreation program. The business prospect for Community Sport, Recreation, Leisure and Wellness in Canada is very promising indeed.


Community Sport and Health Cost in Canada

The state of the health of the nation particularly our youth, is in jeopardy. Recently True Sport put out very disturbing statistics. See Backgrounders. Here is a sample:

  1.  51 percent of Canadians are physically inactive. Physical inactivity is the most widespread risk factor for heart disease and, after smoking, the greatest contributor to death and disability
  2. 25 percent of adult Canadians and almost 10 percent of children aged 7-13 are currently at risk of disability, disease and premature death because they are obese.
  3. Between 2003 and 2006, the number of obese children and youth in Canada increased a further 35.7 percent. Physical inactivity is one cause of this obesity.
  4. 91 percent of Canadian children and youth are not meeting Canada’s physical activity guidelines for

It also is very costly. In 2004, it cost Canadians $1.6 billion direct and $3.7 billion indirect costs.

Health Ontario, reported actual saving of $1.1 billion for the year 2010 from health care cost on account of Ontarians’ increasing their participation in sports and recreation.

Under severe budgetary constraint and large forecasted deficit, Health Ontario announced plans to adapt aggressive measures focusing on intensifying efforts through all channels to urge and interest Ontarians of all ages, to participate in sport or some physical activity. Health Ontario is aiming to reduce health care cost by $3-$5 billion/year by 2015.

The Federal and all provincial governments are following similar policies and examples. It is clear that the business prospect for Community Sport, Recreation, Leisure and Wellness in Canada is strong with longterm sustainability features.

Community Sport Canada Difficulties and Opportunities

Sport is woven into the very fabric of every community in Canada. One out of every 4 adults and one out of two children actively participate in sport, while over 5.3 million Canadians volunteer(no pay) as coaches, officials, and organizers.

Yet, according to True Sport and Parks Ontario and Community Sport Canada is under severe pressure on account of the following reasons:

  1.  Canadian governments both federal and provincial are labouring under mountains of debt, high unemployment and very challenging budgetary deficits. The ability to make needed modern and bold investments in sport and recreational facilities is severely limited. Ontario alone needs more than $5 billion just to upgrade existing aging sports and recreation infrastructures and facilities..
  2. The Private Sector interest orientation and preference is to keep utilizing, by way of a net lease arrangement, rental of sport and recreation facilities and related infrastructures built, owned and maintained by the three levels of governments, using taxpayer’s
  3. Our research and analysis would indicate that the present substantial revenue streams sports and recreation are generating from membership fees, coaching, training, and sponsorship has already reached considerable sustainable commercial values of interest to Family Nature Parcs and its development program.
  4. Our research also identified several areas of commercial promise to further generate additional substantial revenues from other sport related activities, ticket sales, advertising, online sale of sport supplies and equipments, clothes and shoes, on site food and beverage and other services.
  5. We are projecting conservatively, a strong net profit of not less than 7.5% in first year of operation with this profit increasing to 23% by the end of year three.

Sport Contribution to Tourism Travel the Economy 

Canada hosts over 250,000 sport events annually ranging from professional events to multi-sport amateur games to local tournaments. All of these provide economic benefits in the form of visitor spending on accommodation, food and drink, entertainment, and gifts/souvenirs.

In 2006, travel surveys showed that 4.17 million or 30.1 percent of all overnight person-trips from the United States to Canada included participation in sport or outdoor activity.

Also in 2006, 1.15 million or 27 percent of all international trips to Canada (excluding those from the US) included participation in sport or outdoor activity.

According to the House of Commons Sub-Committee on the Study of Sport in Canada, sport accounted for an estimated $4 billion in tourism expenditures in 1997, attracting tourists to all regions of Canada and increasing our visibility and reputation in the world.

Companies seeking new investment locations are also increasingly sensitive to quality of life as an important factor in attracting and retaining the highly skilled employees they need. By investing in sport and recreation green space, facilities and services that appeal to these workers, communities can increase their attractiveness to companies seeking to employ them.

Sources of Information and Data of This Presentation

The information and data used in the preparation of this presentation were taken from more than 400 sources of studies and reports commissioned over the past 15 years by various ministries of Canada’s three government levels. Revenue data of membership fees, coaching and training and other charges were copied from 15 websites of active not-for-profit Canadian Sport Organization. The websites that provided most of the data are:! Please see this video

FAF – Family Nature Parcs – Menu for FAF August 30, 2015Page 5



FAMILY NATURE PARCS INC. (the “Company”) is planning to enter the lucrative sports leisure recreation and wellness markets of Canada, US and select international markets.

The Company will be the owners operators developers and investors in new dynamic multi- sport leisure and recreation outdoor facilities. The Company is structured as a Franchise

The Company will focus on providing state-of-the-art inclusive outdoor sports leisure recreation and wellness facilities, set outdoors in tastefully landscaped garden settings of flowers, lawns, trees, water and park benches. Its business is to cater to the needs moods and interest of growing families and to allow children and adults of various economic status, ethnicity or disability to visit make use of and enjoy our multi-sports and recreational parks.

There are no other sports leisure recreation and wellness facilities like this one anywhere in Canada, and to the best of our knowledge anywhere in the USA and other The main objective of the Company is to allow children of all ages to participate in wholesome fun sport and recreation playing on fields, courts and facilities purpose-designed for children, situated next to their dads, moms, friends or guardian adults facilities. We believe this is the ultimate role model to get children to participate in sports.

Another objective is to create and maintain a caring community environment designed to beat usual boredom, and to keep children and adults engaged in the sports they like and that they want. The sheer number variety and quality of sports games and recreational facilities we will make available at our parks will certainly keep them happy enthusiastic and engaged in their sport or favourite game or to simply enjoy being there.

The Company is planning to start building its first Family Nature Parc soon on a 140 acres parcel of land located in the beautiful old village of Ashton in the city of Ottawa.

The Company will adapt and utilize Canada’s famous LTAD – Long-Term-Athlete-Development model, and will be guided by the CS4L for athletes and for disabilities. We will actively support programs to train capable and experienced future coaches, managers and trainers to the highest international sports levels. Please click on this link to watch LTAD video.

The Company is planning to commission high level sport and recreation group of experts to advise management on the setting up of the Company’s merits and awards programs, being a fundamental program for the development of the Company’s Professional Sports Standards Award(s)

The Company will adapt Canadian codes and rules and will seek affiliation with Canadian US and international sports and recreation organizations.

The Company will participate in the engagement of volunteers coaches and trainers programs, and is planning to improve the process by introducing innovative policies to maximize benefits and rewards to volunteers.

The Company is planning to engage the services of a number of leading architects, engineering and landscaping professionals, sports specialists, gardening and water experts and will assign to them the task of planning designing and supervising all works on our first park.

The Company is planning to create sport fields, courts, playgrounds and leisure facilities in accordance with Canadian, US and international standards such as FIFA, the Olympics and others.

The Company is planning to invest substantially to make its parks secure, safe and carefree for families and children when visiting or playing in its parks.

The Company considers its Team Building program as a significant marketing tool, to promote its sports and recreational facilities and to maximize sustainable revenue streams and growth. Details of our Team Building programs and technology will be made public at the appropriate time.

Protection of the environment, trees, water and species in our parks is our highest concern and will be protected. The Company will undertake to plant two trees for every tree the development may remove on account of its development plans and field layout.

Our parks will be free of building and structures. It will be an outdoors paradise. The only permanent structures allowed to be built in our parks are hand wash and toilet facilities specially designed without the use of septic tanks


Our Sports Games and Recreational Facilities

The Company will provide unparallel state of the art multi-sports games leisure recreational and wellness outdoor facilities, specially designed for male and female adults and for children of all ages according to age group as follows:

    1. Driving range 80 tees, 60 grass and 20 Astroturf. 35 canvas/tent covered
    2. 2 miniature golf for 6-16 years
    3. 2 miniature golf for 16 years and over
    4. various learning and practice areas for juniors
    5.  various practice areas for adults
    6. 9 hole 3 or 4 par golf course – 20 acres
    1. 10 hard adults courts
    2. 4 adult clay coursts
    3. 6 hard courts: 2/4-6yeas, 2/6-8 years and 2 8-10-12 years. Several equipped with collapsible rain covered awnings
    1. 2 Adult FIFA standard field
    2. 2 (U-14 – 60×100 yards) Small Sided
    3. 2 (U-10 – 40X70 yards)
    4. 2 (U-8 – 25×50 yards)
    1.  Olympic size swimming pool
    2. regular section for deep diving for adults
    3. section for deep diving for juniors
    4. wading pool side for toddlers
    5. grassy knolls and concrete terraces lounges/sitting areas for 250 persons
    1. 2 adult hard courts
    2. 2 kids 4- 6 hard courts
    3. 2 junior 6- 9 hard courts
    4. 2 junior 10-12 hard courts
    1. 3 adult grass courts
    2. 4 adult beach courts
    3. 2 junior 4-6-years grass courts
    4. 2 junior 6-11 years grass courts
    5. 2 junior 4-6 beach courts
    6. 2 junior 6-11 beach courts
    1. 3 adults horseshoe lawns
    2. 2 junior 8-16 year
    1. One field – international standard
    1. 1 Male
    2. 1 Female
    1. 1 Field
    1. 1 male field
    2. 1 female field
    1. 2 adults
    2. 2 4-8 years
    3. 2 8-12 years
    1. 1 adults field
    2. 1 senior field
    3. 1 juniors field 5-12 year
    1. 2- toddlers playgrounds 3-5 years
    2. 2- juniors playgrounds 6-10 years
  15. TABLE TENNIS (Ping-Pong)
    1. 10 adults tables over 16 years
    2. 2 kids tables 4-7 years
    3. 2 kids 7-10 years
    4. 3 Juniors 10 -16 years
    1. 2 courts
    1. 2 courts
    1. 2 adults
    2. 2 junior
    1. 2 lanes
  20. Special Sports and Games: Karate, Chess, Crafts, Drawing, Dance, Drama and (natives and ethnics games will be added when identified)
Our Other Sport Games and Recreational Facilities
    1. Canoe
    2. Polo
    3. Kayaking
    4. Fishing
    5. Sailing:
      This project special features (may not be available in our other parks) is a plan to develop a major section of the Jock River passing through the landsite a distance of 1600 feet into a miniature Rideau Canal. Aside from its added ornamental and uniquely beautiful contribution to the environment and the ecstatic of the park, we aim also to provide a safe and controlled natural water environment, for children (4-13 years) to learn safe water activities and to have fun: swimming, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing and to play water polo during the summer and to enjoy ice skating and ice fishing in winter.
  2. WITH NATURE (to be elaborated)
    1. Walking Trails – all ages 3 km
    2. Bike Trails – Adults & Toddlers 7 and over – 3- 5 kilometres
    3. BIKE TRAIL – Toddlers 4-6 years   500 m
    1. Children Garden – (1.5 m X1.5 m) children age 5-12, plant their choice of vegetables and flowers, to muddy their little hands and witness some of the miracles of nature
    2. Gardening Plots 4M X4 M- Vegetable Plots -rented seasonally to 14 years and over
    3. Green House – Organic Vegetables (Commercial dimension 8-10 acres) rented to third party
    4. Local Produce Market – Under a Tent – to sell locally produced fresh vegetables during the short spring and summer seasons.
  4. WINTER SPORTS (to be elaborated)
    1. Outdoors Hockey Rinks 2 adults 2 juniors
    2. Ski-Hill for Toddlers, teaching ski (part of the land is forested hill area 10-12 acres)
    3. Snow shoe walking
    4. Cross Country Skiing (using Walking and Bick trails in winter)
    5. Indigenous Sports and Games (natives and ethnics games are being researched)
Why Team Building Is Essential To Our Business!

Sport is woven into the very fabric of every community in Canada. One out of every 4 adults and one out of two children actively participate in sport, while over 5.3 million Canadians volunteer as coaches, officials, and organizers. Yet, according to True Sport, Community Sport in Canada is “under pressure” on account of the following factors:

  1. 1. 71% of Canadians believe high cost is a major barrier to community sport participation, that sport participation rates, peak at age 10 to 13, then decline steadily with age,
  2. The main serious issues facing community sport are:
    1. focus on winning competition at all costs (16%),
    2. parental over-involvement (10%)/ under-involvement (7%),
    3. poor coaching/leadership (6%),
    4. intolerance/racism (29%),
    5. lack of fair play (21%),

The challenge is what we, can objectively do to make sport more fair, more affordable, fun and more joyful to participate in.

We believe that in building teams using informed and enlightened, individual, screening and evaluations and matching participants into purpose structured teams of sports, games, leisure,camping and recreational activities, into the desired team structures, could stem underlying emotions and result in harmonizing relations between all participants including coaches and trainers.

The Team Building technology we are planning is certainly a very powerful tool, which will, intelligently, help us plan, structure and match, in real time, individual participants and players to their favourite sport/game/camping activities, that is most suitable to their individual circumstances which will include age, sex, sport level, interest and other personal characteristics designed to guide equitable, cohesive team choices, with our coaches trainers and team managers.

Our Team Building technology is a significant management administrative and marketing tool that will allow the Company to deal intentionally to resolve most of current Pressure Issues of community sport. Most significant is our ability to plan and to execute strategic milestone and products for business promotions and maximization of sustainable revenue streams.

For more details please visit our website:

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