Our Finance Teams

Our dedicated Service and Product Providers

Providers of Services and Products are individuals, companies and firms located in all parts of the world, providing all kind of services and products, which include manufactured goods products and equipment.

We invented the business of outsourcing expertise and know how from large arrays of services and products providers. Our present database started 1979, contains hundreds of services and products providers, many worked with us on several complex work assignments in the Emerging markets.

Finance Teams are formed according to work assignments from large pools of carefully vetted approved and registered Services and Products Providers composed of individuals, firms and companies. Individual service providers are required to supply verifiable (references) recent CVs and biographies in long and abridge format.

It is mandatory that the biographies of the Finance Team including studies, reports and documents are posted on the website.

Finance Team members are chosen for their direct experience of a specific case country or work assignment. They are also chosen in accordance with the events, nature, geographical and jurisdictional conditions of work assignments and the terms and conditions of our mandates with Clients.

For each work assignment and its duration, we act as the direct employer and manager of the Finance Team.

Work assignment to Finance Team member are negotiated and agreed in writing directly with each candidate and a Letter of Engagement (LOE) detailing work assignments, milestones and deliverables, including remuneration costs, expenses, fees and commissions is prepared and signed by the parties.

It is mandatory that all work assignments be covered by strict confidentiality undertakings including non-disclosure and non-circumvention undertaking by all parties including each finance team member.

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