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$17.7 TRILLION IN LIQUID CAPITAL IS AVAILABLE!! more than enough to stop the current slide into the abyss, while imposing a return to sober, transparent and ethical practices, foundations,...

$17.7 TRILLION IN LIQUID CAPITAL IS AVAILABLE!! more than enough to stop the current slide into the abyss, while imposing a return to sober, transparent and ethical practices, foundations, and accountabilities.

Creating and implementing more REGULATIONS that are crafted and conceived by the same discredited self-regulators, only to be rubber stamped by timid and ill informed governments, will NOT, repeat will NOT stop the present abuse.  Nor, will it result in reforming the badly fractured western banking and financing industry.

Recent announcements of larger executive pay and billions of dollars promised in bonuses by rescued banks with taxpayers’ money confirm one very disturbing fact: the culture of most western financial institutions and corporations is greed and arrogant claims of entitlement.

Widespread feeling of disgust and condemnation evidently is not working.

We are proposing a solution for you to consider. In order to stop this reckless culture of greed and arrogance, we are asking Small, Retail and Muslim Investors to join us to help stop this madness by denying them access to your investments, your money and your support.

We believe that only Small Retail and Muslim Investors, who often fall victim to fraud and sham deals of present practices, have the capital-power and proven sustainable liquidity as Investors, to demand and to impose fundamental changes of banks and financial institutions and to stop the ethically depraved practices of this new class of greedy and mediocre CEOs and executives.

We are inviting you; Mr and Mrs. Global Small Retail and Muslim Investors, to join us on this historical journey, to participate in events to transform your victim status of being on the receiving end of greed and abuse, to becoming the instrument of sanity.  Together, we will create this change and cause a return to decent and ethical banking, finance, and investment practices while fostering economic growth.

Like you, we are moved and saddened when we read, see or hear of the plight of the unemployed, hardworking and honest persons losing their life savings to ill-advised investments or out right fraudulent schemes. Being a senior myself, I am heartbroken and feel the pain of pensioners who are forced to go back to work in menial jobs to make ends meet.

This lawless, greedy, unethical and uncivilized capitalism should not have been allowed to happen. It MUST not be allowed to change its colour or repackage itself for another day.

Together, in honest and transparent cooperation, without pre-commitment on your part to make an investment or to provide finance, we can make the necessary start to change this outrageous greed and help chart a new responsible course for others to follow.

In this regard, we are reminded of the wise words of Martin Luther King, Jr:

“Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about things that matter”.

Please act NOW and Join us,


Fred Farha, Founder, President & CEO

Fred L H Farha,

Founder, President & CEO

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