Our Alternative Financial Services

Corporate Finance, Merges, Private Placements and other financial services

We offer Corporate Finance, Merges, Private Placements and other financial services


Corporate Finance

We provide a suite of corporate financial services including:

  • Corporate Financing
  • Bridge Financing
  • Mezzanine Financing/ Debt Financing
  • Construction Financing/ Term Loans facilities
  • Property Development Syndicated Financing
  • Landbanking and Land Development

We provide unique Pre-IPO Structuring services

  • Services will involve the preparation “grooming” of companies and new business/projects including start-up to seek the ultimate corporate modernization and expansion by listing their shares/ stocks (IPO) Initial Public Offering, the “ISSUE” on a local, regional or international Stock Exchange.
  • Our time tested Pre-IPO Services, is predicated upon the appointment of licensed brokers or agents of the relevant stock exchange, who won the right to represent our Client and to broker/ underwrite the ISSUE by way of holding a CONTEST for MANDATE, between a number of licensed brokers agents underwriters and investment bankers. The process of a Contest allows us to obtain best terms and conditions for Clients and will substantially reduce costs, fees, and commissions and share allotment to Clients

Merger & Acquisition  – M&A

Our M&A services will include providing analysis of business and companies by conduct intrusive and comprehensive due diligence focusing on operations; management, business model, products, customer’s status and markets, strategic expansion plans, diversification and streamlining, acquisitions and growth techniques and related corporate and financial issues.

M&A services available to Clients interested in the following situations:

  • Seeking Strategic partnership
  • Spin-off of companies/ situations in part or in whole,
  • Divestitures of companies/ shares/partnerships/in part or in whole,
  • Re-capitalization, Co-investment and leveraged Buy-Outs,
  • Develop strategies to maximize efficiency, profits and shareholders’ value,
  • Supervise the implementation of shareholders’ rights,
  • Require Charter amendments and other corporate governance provisions,
  • Plan marketing strategies, Corporate Restructuring and Rehabilitation,
  • Develop strategies to maximize efficiency, profits and shareholders’ value,
  • Supervise the implementation of shareholders’ rights,
  • Arrange Companies Charter amendments and corporate governance provisions

Private Placement & Syndication Services          

Our Private Placement Services enjoy unique global reach to large international markets; entrepreneurs, companies, governments, investors and others interested parties.

We are featuring investment and financing products located in many countries to provide Member Investors and others unparallel options and choices of investment and financing opportunities.

Muslim investors are offered investment and financing products ethically based and compliant with and sanctioned by Shariah Boards and our learned Muslim Advisors

We provide Private Placement Services, compliant with applicable laws and regulations including preparation of Offering Memoranda Trust Deeds and Prospectuses, to the following:

  • Corporate Financing
  • Bridge Financing
  • Mezzanine Financing
  • Term Loans facilities
  • Construction Financing
  • Property Development and Mortgages
  • Landbanking and Land Development and Services
  • Debt Financing
  • Various forms of Performance and other Guarantees

We provide as “Principal Arranger” on the website online syndication of a number of financial instruments and products vetted by our Finance Teams and placed on offer to pre-qualified bidders in the Auction Room.

Our Syndication services will include:

  • Corporate Credit Facilities
  • Islamic financing products
  • Corporate Loan Facilities
  • Project Financing Facilities and Islamic financing products

To view Investment and Financing opportunities “Offerings” please go to Deal Room or Auction Room


Request for information about legal and other conditions including pre-qualification of bidders are available from Director Private Placement & Syndication Services



New Projects Creation Services

Utilizing the immense potential of our Member Services and Products Provider as the prime mover and initiators of essential infrastructure and public utilities projects, mining and natural resources, alternative fuels and alternative energies, namely:

  • Power Generation including nuclear power
  • Ethanol from Sugarcane and non-human food products in Africa and other developing countries
  • Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals,
  • Mining & Natural Resources,
  • Ports & Airports, Railroads, Bridges and Highways
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Health Care and Educational Facilities
  • Development of purpose-built affordable Seniors and Retirement Communities
  • Support affordable housing to the poor

Requests for project creation information are available from Director New Project Creation

We pledge to remain faithful to our responsibility to care and to protect the environment.



Export Credit Guarantee and Foreign Aid Services           

We have more than 30 years experience providing export and project financing services to more than 40 emerging market countries and are very familiar with various applications of multi-lateral aid in export, project financing and the different scope of bilateral aid programs. Creating business opportunities by structuring projects and trade to qualify for Export Credit Guarantees, Political Risk Insurance and other foreign aid-related credits is one of our most favourite services

We offer the following services:

  • Export Credit Financing – Supported by Supplier Credit or Buyer Credit
  • Export Credit Financing – Supported by Unilateral arrangement foreign aid
  • Export Credit Financing – Supported by Unilateral arrangement of off-set programs etc
  • The use of Captive Finance Companies
  • Instruments from National, Regional and International Development Banks
  • Co-Financing Arrangements
  • Syndicated Credit Facilities
  • Bond Financing and Leasing
  • Guarantees supported by the project anticipated cash streams. (The real Asset Based Financing)



Consultation Studies & Reports

We are offering to prepare finance and investor orientated business plans and strategies for new or existing businesses for agriculture, forestry, building materials, chemicals, mining, oil and gas, utilities, transportation, logistics, infrastructure, telecommunications, IT and internet services. Of particular interest are human development projects for Africa and other developing countries in the fields of education, food, health care, transportation and expanding Internet services.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Business Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Perform High Quality Due Diligence
  • Prepare Finance Memoranda/ Prospectuses for S&M companies
  • Plan “Flotation” of companies on local and foreign Stock Exchanges
  • Start-up Creation Business Plans
  • Asset and Collateral inspection and evaluation
  • Cash-flow Modelling
  • Financial Analysis and Forecasting
  • Corporate Valuation and Modelling
  • Financial Market Mathematics
  • Advanced Business Analysis
  • Equity Evaluation Techniques
  • Structuring Treasury Products and Derivatives
  • Conducting Yield Curve Analysis and Alternative returns
  • Economic Impact Studies
  • Environment Impact Studies
  • Special Assignments


Requests for information are available from Director Consultation Studies  & Reports

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