We selected few representative cases from our large archives to demonstrate our comprehensive knowledge and depth of experience of the global financial services industry and to highlight some of the financial models and products we help develop:

1969/1970: structured the first commodity-linked asset-based finance product in the United States, involving a major Puerto Rico based rum, molasses and sugar company in support of a $ 39 million, 7 year term loan facility that was funded by a Swiss banking syndicate that he organized.


1971: The Canadian Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation (“CMHC”) a Crown corporation, was chronically short of capital to meet the increasing mortgage financing in Canada. With the participation of a colleague and friend, Fred discovered that CMHC mortgages enjoy sovereign guarantees status, higher yields than conventional mortgages and total exemption from Canadian taxes.  With the assistance of Lazard Freres & Cie, Paris, the first cross-border mortgage facility of $13.2 million was arranged for an Ottawa property developer. This First cross-boarder capital financing model was fast adopted by Canadian banks and Trust companies and used to channel billions of dollars to Canada’s housing Industry.


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1 Pictures 1975/ 1979: Designed financed and built (DFB) in the city of Riyadh, one of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia most prestigious residential complexes. Sahara Towers Residential Complex composed of 10 semi-high-rise buildings, 350 deluxe suites, underground parking and other high-class amenities. Fred joint ventured the construction works with a highly respected German engineering and construction company, assisted the financing of this $49 million development project by negotiating long-term forward leases of all 10 buildings to triple-A tenants.


Notwithstanding the lack of infrastructure and shortages of construction material supplies in Saudi Arabia, Fred is particularly proud that the  JV he arranged between his Fundmore Corporation Canada Limited and Gustav Epple of Stuttgart Germany they called “GerCan”  made historical construction record completing  85,000 sq m of buildings and allowing 350 families to move in within 19 months. Local entrepreneurs used our pre-rental financing model and documentation to develop hundreds of projects in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.


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1988/1989: Structured first (composite) limited recourse, barter, countertrade, commodity-linked, asset-based, foreign aid and Islamic financing facility in support of $146 million medium term loan facility. Fred volunteered to assist Somalia overcome its difficulties to export its live cattle to its historical markets Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. Undaunted by the immense difficulties involving one of Africa’s poorest countries, Fred recruited the support of a major Canadian meat packaging company and proceeded to assemble and structure the development of a vertically integrated agro-industrial complex in Somalia. The project was composed of feedlots, feedstock, slaughtering and meat processing plant, involving 90,000/year heads of cattle, local farming and production of world class animal feed utilizing 40,000 hectares of irrigated farmland on the Juba River and to provide new jobs to more than 15,000 Somalis.

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Speaker and Moderator, Opportunity Middle East Conference, September  6 & 7, 1978,Toronto Ontario Canada, sponsored by FINANCIAL POST in association with AIR CANADA