Our Mission

Our mission is to empower Small Retail and Muslim investors in order to stop their abuse and victimization by fraudsters, embezzlers and self-regulated greedy financial service providers and peddlers of sham deals.

Using Fundmore Alternative Finance to organize Small and Retail and Muslim Investors in a Community of Interst based on a no-obligations membership, to allow the potential and impact of their collective capital- power to change the prevailing culture of  “Wall Street” through the dynamics of a free transparent and ethical alternative capital markets.

To use our well established merchant banking and structured financing services to carefully select prepare and make available to our Members- Small and Retail and Muslim Investors – vetted and safe high yield investment grade and financing products.

To make available to Clients in the industrial and emerging countries a number of alternative structured financial services, field-tested under the most difficult project financing conditions of the Emerging markets, long abandoned by most western financial services providers,

To participate in the creation of new projects and industry, especially small and medium size (S&M) industries and start-ups supported by our imaginative financing and capital raising techniques and solutions.

We will support environmentally friendly projects especially in agriculture and food production and distribution including the development of Halal poultry; meat and other food products.

To lead agro-industrial plans for the commercial production of Ethanol from sugarcane in Africa and Asia in partnership with local farmers and stakeholders.

To support DSL technology dealing with the conversion of existing telephone copper lines into ADSL capable Broadband and Internet, in many developing countries where more than 92% of the people of Africa and other developing countries are denied access to essential broadband an Internet services placed beyond their financial means by exorbitant and unjustified monthly prices.

To evolve investment and financing products to support globally the development of popular affordable housing and purpose built senior and retirement accommodation

To overcome built-in self-serving roadblocks put in place in the name of Regulations, mainly dealing with distribution aspects of the financial services industry, we are planning to service the interest of our member investors, subscribers and clients by utilize our online Syndicated Public Offering and Private Placement Services and by making available to them unrestricted 24/7/360 online access to the Deals Room and the Auction Room.

To use innovative financial engineering techniques, to support the creation and development of projects in power, energy, transportation, property developments, Landbanking, nuclear power generation and other essential infrastructure projects.

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