1982–  SR 2.56 billion – Internal Security College project, Ministry of the Interior – We acted as

Team Syndicate Leader involving major Turkish contractor, leading Kuwaiti sub-

Contractor and major UK construction management companies. Saudi Arabia


1983– $169 million – Sadat Industrial City Egypt, Structured Development and Financing

Services, Export Credit Arrangement and preparation of Documentary Credit. Egypt

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1 Pictures 1985/1987 $320 million – Subrie Dam Project, Acted as Team Syndicate Leader and

provider of   Financial Structuring, Preparation of Power Purchase Agreements with the

participation of Korean Construction and Engineering group and a lead UK power

generating company. Ivory Cost    


1988– $710 million –Developer/Investor of Patrouklu Island, 3774 acres, into a world-class

leisure theme park, tourist and retirement destination, Sounion, near city of Athens,



1988 – $140 million Structured Barter Financing Facility –Somalia Ministry of

Fisheries and the Polish Union of Fishers – Somalia and Poland


1988 -$232 million Structured Trade and Credit Facility Cement Industry, Iraq


1989 -$820 million Structured Debit Financing and Financial Exit Strategies, Petrochemical-

2, Combustion Engineering Inc., and National Oil Co./ Iraq


1 Pictures 1990 -$148 million Structured Debit Financing, Setal/ Petrobras, Brazil


1990 -$32 million Trade Financing Supporting LC, Petroquimica Uniao/ Brazil

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1 Pictures 1990/91 -$250 million Major Rehabilitation and Asset-based Structures supporting

Financing Facilities to arranging “Take Or Pay” Heads of Term, Petroquimica Uniao


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1 Pictures 1992 -$83 million Structured Trade Financing and Credit Facility Planning, Jangsu

International Corporation, Jangsu, China                 


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1 Pictures 1992 -$112 million Structured Debit Financing and Revolving Letter of Credit

Facility for China Harbour Engineering Company, Kuwait Housing project, Kuwait


1993 -$ 370 million – Design Finance Build and Turnover, development model and

Documentation, National Bank of Iran, Tehran, Iran


1993 -DM 1.6 billion, Property Disposal and Debit Liquidation, SKANSKA S.A. Germany


1994 -$56 million Structured Trade Credit Facility, Frigo Kaiowa SA, in Chapter-11

(Concordata), Sao Paulo, Brazil.


1994 -$1,710 billion, Structuring Strategy Replacement of Export Credit Guarantee

Arrangement, South Pars Gas Fields development Iran and SAIPEM S.P.A. Italy


1995 -$113 million, Initial Public Offering, Pre-IPO Strategy and Arrangements, Leisure

Project Development, ISARCO SA, Belgium


1995 -£19 million, Acquisitions of Assets and Structured Trade and Financing, Timber

Harvesting operations, St.Petersburg Russia by Quade Investment Ltd, UK

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1 Pictures 1996 -$7,650 billion, Reorganization, Rehabilitation and Structured Financing of

all 22 Pulp and paper, wood harvesting and processing companies of Karellesprom of

the forestry industries of the Republic of Karelia, Russia


1996 -$170 million, Structured Credit Facility, supported by government guarantees

of China, for the completion of National Museum, Shanzhen, China


1997-$59 million, Export Credit Guarantee Arrangement of the UK, for a housing

project, by the Ministry of Housing, Eritrea


1998 -$200 million, Structured Credit Facility, supported by Timber Forward Sales

and issue of Bonds and placement, for Karellesprom Holding, Karelia, Russia


1998 -$33 million, Privatisations and Structured Equity & Debit Financing facility for

Expandia AS, Czech


1998 -$24 million, Business Plans, structuring – Design Finance Build and Lease – deluxe

Apartment- hotel accommodation, Dmitrovsky Lane, City of Moscow Russia


1999 -$26 million, Structured Equity Financing and Export Credit Guarantee Facilities, 5-Star

hotel, Project Associates, Kiev Ukraine


1999 -$1.2 billion, Structured Barter and Trade Financing and preparation of Power

Purchase Agreement for two 400 MW power generation plants, India


1999 -$1.5 million, Assignments: Project Analysis and Recommendations, Ministries

of Finance and Agriculture, Government of Uzbekistan


2000 -$100 million, Structured, Formed and Managed “The F-3 Fund” small Investment

($250,000 – $500,000) in Start-ups in Russia and Ukrain, London England


2002 -$300 million, Pre-IPO services, for a Gas Liquidification Company, Nigeria


2002 -£170 million, Structuring Strategies, Projections and Data, for a PPI –Private

Public Initiative involving schools, by a group of UK investors, England

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1 Pictures 2002/2005 -$2.6 billion, Structuring Equity Islamic Compliance Financing and

Export Credit Guarantee for turbines, transformers and transmission lines for Merowe

Hydropower dame project, Merowe, Sudan



2003-$300 million, Structures Debit Financing Strategies involving the takeover of

BOT road infrastructure assets by a major European Equity Fund, Germany


2004 -$170 million, Structuring Islamic Financing, Sukuk issue, for building a CN

Tower in Riyadh Saudi Arabia


2005 -$95 million, Structured Debit financing, Islamic Financing, supported by

Forward Trading of total production of 30,000-ton/y Hydrogen Peroxide

Production, Qatar

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1 Pictures 2005- 2006 -$672 million, Bahrain Hanging Gardens development project, Al

Muharraq District Municipality, Kingdom of Bahrain. We provided Evaluation

of Feasibility Studies and Financial Plans and Exist Strategies, Project Management

and Concept. The project is composed of land reclamation from the sea, development

of 273,000 sq m of highrise residential, commercial, offices, retail, hotels, sports and

underwater aquarium.


2005 -$160 million, Feasibility, Marketing and Project Financing Strategies for the

development of several agro-industrial projects production capacity 80 -120-million

gallon/year Ethanol from sugarcane production with the participation of local farmers

in 10 countries in Africa and 6 Asian countries.


Shaun: picture here


1 Pictures 2003. 2007 Developer/Investor $45 million, development of the Third Airport

           Model, a major Logistics Centers for Europe of courier cargo rail and road services at

Templin Airport, a former 15 million square meters, Soviet Union military airbase,

located 47 kilo northeast of the city of Berlin, at Gross Dollen, Germany.


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