Why Us?

Why you should choose Fundmore Alternative Finance

As founders of FundmoreMerchantBank.com 1999, we declared on our website that:

“The Internet is a revolutionary power that is opening the floodgates of the financial services industry that has been built over the past 40 years”

We further stated:

It is now apparent that a more serious challenge to the existing order is the distribution strength of the Internet and the growing importance of retail investors who are directly accessing a greater share of new services and indeed equities without the “traditional “ intermediary services of investment banks and brokers. It is clear that the entire landscape of the wholesale financial service industry is being transformed”.

Our purpose then was to help us structure and deliver solutions to difficult project financings in the Emerging Countries.

Now as founders of the new Fundmore Alternative Finance, we devised this daring business plan to once again utilize and rely on the revolutionary powers of the Internet to reach and mobilize, in a cost-effective manner, the immense capital-powers of global Small Retail Investor including the ethical alternative capital of Muslim Investors.

We created Fundmore Alternative Finance to lead the way in bringing about necessary reform and fundamental changes to the present discredited and fractured western financial services industry.

Only the naive believe that changing and reforming western financial services industry will happen soon because the world is outraged by the audacity of a few ethically depraved executives or because of the” New Improved” regulations. We must finally recognize that the most entrenched difficulty facing reforms is the cultural dimension of the present crisis. It is high time that we admit, “The culture of western financial institutions and corporations is greed and arrogant claims of entitlement”

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